This specialty focuses on disease of the male and female urinary tract and male reproductive system. We offer all types of endourological and laser operations. These include:


  • Prostate (HoLEP laser/TURP, Prostatic biopsy, Radical Prostatectomy for prostate cancer).

  • Bladder (All types of bladder cancer surgery, Laser bladder stone treatment).

  • Kidney (treatment of all kidney stones via laser surgery/PCNL, Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy for kidney cancer).

  • Urethra (urethral stricture disease including laser treatment/urethroplasty).

  • Incontinence surgery for male and female .

  • Paediatric urology (circumcision, reconstructive hypospadius repair, testicular torsion).

  • Penoscrotal surgery (hydrocele, epididymal cyst, vasectomy).